Sri Lanka Journal of Human Rights aims to expand the Human Rights agenda in Sri Lanka, by highlighting important and contemporary aspects of human rights. It is a bi-annual publication that is reviewed by an eminent panel of reviewers; and the contributors range from academics, legal practitioners, state officials, activists and members of the civil society.

Sri Lanka Journal of Human Rights:


CSHR held an International Conference on Human Rights, Citizenship and Democratization (ICHR Colombo in 2016 to promote research on global and local human rights issues, and as a forum to advocate for them. Professor Danielle Celermajer delivered the keynote address on “The Challenges of Human Rights in an Uneven World”, specifically reflecting on the challenges of advocating against torture in contemporary Sri Lanka, where human rights have become heavily politicized. Local and international academic, practitioners and students presented their research at the conference, under the following themes: Critical and Emerging Issues in Human Rights; International Human Rights Framework; Citizenship, Democratization and Peacebuilding; Human Rights and Society; Domestic Human Rights Framework in Sri Lanka; and Human Rights of Specific Groups.

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