Certificate in Law and the Citizen

This course is an introduction to Law and the Citizen (Cert. in Law and the Citizen). It focuses on the very basics of the relevant areas, particularly emphasizing the most important aspects, namely history and background of Law, domestic law, fundamental rights, Criminal and Civil laws, norms, and principles related to Law mechanisms of implementing these regimes.

The course is intended to not only give the participants an introduction to Law, policies and standards, but also as a foundation course for Diploma level  courses offered by the CSHR, University of Colombo and to serve as a stepping stone for developing expertise in specialized areas of human rights and practice. This is an effort to accomplish the mission of the University of Colombo and has been designed to meet the mission of the Centre for the study of Human Rights, University of Colombo.

  1. Provide an essential grounding of the legal system of Sri Lanka.
  2. Introduce current developments in the area of Legal framework of Sri Lanka and to effectively promote, protect and implement.
  3. Provide the candidates in their early and mid-career an opportunity to enhance their basic knowledge on Law by following a well-structured course of studies. The design of the curriculum, teaching and learning methodology will enhance necessary skills of the candidates related to the protection, promotion and implementation of Law, human rights and Fundamental Rights.
  4. Influence of attitudes and perception of such officers in their duties to protect, promote and implement law, human rights and fundamental rights effectively.

The primary target group of this course is the employees of public and private sector, human rights activists and other interested candidates, who keen to know the basics of Law such as University and school students (who have completed junior secondary level – Grade 09).

MODULE 01 – An Introduction to Law

MODULE 02 – Legal System of Sri Lanka

MODULE 03 – Courts System of Sri Lanka

MODULE 04 – Branches of Laws

MODULE 05 – The Constitution

MODULE 06 – Criminal Justice System and Institutions

MODULE 07 – The Democracy and Rule of Law The Democracy and Rule of Law

Selected candidates can follow the Human Rights and Fundamental Rights in Sinhala and Tamil

Resource persons are invited from specialized fields, Public Services.

Special seminars will be conducted by senior personnel and other relevant sectors according to curriculum.

Teaching & Learning method: Participant centered teaching and learning methods will be adopted. Students are expected to actively participate in classroom discussions and other forms of facilitative instructions conducted by the Centre. 80% of attendance is mandatory for getting eligibility to complete the course successfully.

Evaluation: Presentation or Individual Assignment

  • Completion of junior secondary level, which is Grade 9 or an equivalent.


  • Completion of primary education and certified work experience equivalent to a minimum period of two years in a particular field may also be considered as an equivalent qualification for admission to SLQF level 1 provided that the applicant is at least 16 years of age.


  • A good working knowledge of the language in which the course will be offered.

Application Fee :              Rs.250/=

Course Fee                       Rs.30,000/=

Applications can be obtained from the downloads section of this page.

Completed Applications and copies of certificates should be submitted along with the paying voucher of the non-refundable application fee of Rs.250/- to be paid to any branch of the People’s Bank, in favour of ‘University of Colombo – Main Collection Account’ with the relevant account number as indicated in the application form.

Duly Completed Applications along with relevant copies of certificates and documents should be submitted by registered post to:

The Director,
Centre for the Study of Human Rights,
Faculty of Law, University of Colombo,
No.94, Cumaratunga Munidasa Mawatha, Colombo 03.