Ms G Hiripitiya

Assistant Programme Coordinator

Diploma in Advance English for Administration & Academic Purposes, National Certificate in ICT

Ms N S Gurusinghe

Assistant Programme Coordinator

Advanced Diploma in Business Management, ICT Technician (NITA), Certificate course in Computer Application Assistant

Ms J T R Gunasekara

Assistant Programme Coordinator

MAAT, Information & Communication Technology (NAITA), Sri Lanka Computer Competency License (NITA)

Ms S D Sivalingam

Assistant Project Coordinator

BA (Hons) (University of Colombo)

Ms Azafah Kaleel

Project Coordinator

BA (Hons) (University of Colombo), Diploma in English (NIBM)

Ms T R Chandrasekera

Information Technology Officer (e-learning and web administration)

BSc. Special (Hons) IT (SLIIT), Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations (BCIS)

Ms H L M B Herath

Project Officer

LL.B, Attorney-at-Law, MA in Sociology (University of Kelaniya)

Ms C Jayawardena

Project Manager

BA in Demography-International Relations, MA in International Law & Human Rights, MA in Arts in Political Science