Referencing Service
CSHR holds the best books on Human Rights and allied subjects. Users of the Resource Centre can obtain a wide knowledge on Human Rights and related subjects and refer books and journals in languages Sinhala, Tamil and English.

Undergraduates of State universities have free access to the Resource Centre, while the general public can enjoy the referencing service upon payment of a nominal membership fee. Click here for membership info.

Book Borrowing Facility
Books can be borrowed only by Staff of the Faculty of Law and Students of the Master of Human Rights and Democratisation programme.

Photocopying Service
The smooth running of this photocopy service is a great asset to students during assignment time, when the demand for photocopies is high.

The photocopying service is available for Rs. 4.00 for a Double sided document and Rs. 3.00 for a Single sided document.

Print Media
CSHR activities are publicised in the Sinhala, Tamil and English daily newspapers, ahead of programmes to be conducted.

Newspaper Referencing and Clippings
Newspapers are available for reference; which are then clipped by subject.

The updated Newspaper Clippings Service in Sinhala, Tamil and English fulfills the requirement of latest information needed on a wide range of topics. In addition to undergraduates, other visitors to the Resource Centre, both local and foreign, found the resources available and useful. The material available is used for various education and capacitating programmes conducted by the CSHR throughout the year.