All users of the Resource Centre are required to become members of the library. Undergraduates and those who are following courses at the CSHR are free to use the library, while all other members are required to make a payment for a scheduled period. The Paid membership for Resource Centre visitors are offered in the following categories of fees (subjected to be revised).

Local Memberships
Rs. 100/- per day
Rs. 250/- per week
Rs. 500/- per Month
Rs. 750/- Per Quarter
Rs. 1000/- for 6 months
Rs. 2000/- annually

Foreign Memberships 

Category Per Week (Rs) Per Month (Rs) Per Quarter (Rs) Six months (Rs) Annually (Rs)
SAARC 300 500 1500 3000 6000
Non SAARC 600 1000 3000 6000 12000